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♛ BeautiMaxx Membership

 Become a BeautiMaxx'er | Sign-Up Today to Receive $5 Store Credit

✿ BeautiMaxx Memberships

Find what you're looking for more out of shopping with BeautiMaxx.

Registering with us, you will receive immediately $5 store credit and gain the opportunity to obtain more benefits as your rise in the membership tiers. Members will also be able to take part in member only sales and discounts BeautiMaxx may hold.

Join with us today and become a BeautiMaxx'er!

✿ Store Credit / Bmaxx Cash

When registering with BeautiMaxx you will be able to receive and use Store Credit, or what we call Bmaxx Cash. Bmaxx Cash is in USD in our system.

Any qualified purchase of $30 or more will earn you Bmaxx Cash. You can check your amount by logging into your account and then use the credit amount at checkout during the payment.

► More About Bmaxx Cash

✿ Membership Tiers

BeautiMaxx runs on a 'by number of orders' system with our membership tiers. Each time you make an order it adds to your total towards an upgrade. This is based on the entire order, and not based on how many products are in your order.

Memberships can expire after a 24-month membership period, if no purchases are completed and Member Tiers can be downgraded, if no new purchases are completed in a 12-month period. Membership downgrades can only go as low as [◦ Regular Member]. Membership upgrades can only go as high as [♛ Platinum Member].

Member Tiers

 ◦ Regular Member:                

Requirements: Sign-Up to Join

    • $5 Bmaxx Cash

• Bronze Member:                  

Requirements: 2 Orders

    • 5% Discount
      • Get 5% off your cart subtotal.
    • Tier-Up Coupon
      • Receive a $5 coupon.

✿ Silver Member:                   

Requirements: 5 Orders

    • 8% Discount
      • Get 8% off your cart subtotal.
    • Tier-Up Coupon
      • Receive a $5 coupon.

✨ Gold Member:                    

Requirements: 10 Orders

    • 10% Discount
      • Get 10% off your cart subtotal.
    • $5 Tier-Up Coupon (x 3)
      • Receive three $5 coupons.

♛ Platinum Member:            

Requirements: 15+ Orders

    • 12% Discount
      • Get 12% off your cart subtotal.
    • $5 Tier-Up Coupon (x 5)
      • Receive five $5 coupons.

*Tier-Up coupons expire within a 12-month period. A minimum purchase of $20 is required to use them.

► Added credits can take up to seven days to reach your account. If you think you are missing any credits send an email with details to:

BeautiMaxx Memberships is only applicable at:

BeautiMaxx™ reserves the right to modify or discontinue the BeautiMaxx Membership program at any time without prior notice. However, we will make efforts to notify members of any changes made to this system. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately once posted/modified here.