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Ways to protect your Hair

Depending on your hair type there are different ways to protect your hair. I will be breaking down each hair type and ways to protect your natural beauty. Protecting your hair is important because it helps with your overall hair health and growth. It may seem like a lot at first but once setting up a consistent routine will benefit you in the long run. There are many different ways to protect your hair but here are a few simple things you could do starting today! 

The first thing is no matter what hair type you have DO NOT over wash your hair. Recommend amount is once or twice per week. Washing your hair too much within a week can cause breakage, split-ins, hair getting too dry, and hair loss. We must protect our hair, even if you wear your hair out a couple of times a year. There are benefits to wearing a bonnet at night, keeping your hair moisturized, wearing hair extensions, wigs etc. I feel like I'm all over the place let me break this down real quick. 

Moisture That Hair! 

Use hydrating shampoos and conditioners and stay away from sulfate which can be found in many products. Sulfate can strip away at moisture leaving your hair dry and unhealthy. Doing hair treatments such as deep conditioning and hair mask can help bring back moisture and strength to your hair. Moisturizing your hair on a consistent base is important. Using oils and moisturizers depending on your hair type will protect your hair. Don't wait until your next wash day to moisturize make sure you are aware of your hair and its state will benefit your healthy hair journey in the long run. Learn how your hair works, something that may work for someone else may not work for you. Know when your hair feels dry and needs some attention, some people that are within 2 days some it's more than that. Knowing how your hair works and when and how much product to apply will have your hair looking healthy and shiny. 

Nighttime Routines 

WEAR THAT BONNET! never forget that bonnet. Wearing a bonnet a night will keep your hair moisturized longer than it would without one. Keeping your hair protected at night will also prevent breakage, getting a silk bonnet would be best. You can also put silk pillowcases on your pillows for when you want to relax in bed. Be careful rubbing your hair on anything other than silk, rough surfaces can cause breakage on the strands.  

Protective Styles 

Wearing your hair in updos is a way to reduce hair breakage on your ends. It is also important to also not to have your hair in updos too much because it can cause breakage with your hair. Another way to give your hair a break is wigs, hair extensions, and braids. Putting your hair up in various styles gives your hair a break from daily destruction from your hair. Can protect your hair from weather, rough services, and tension on your hair. Plus adding hair to your head will give you the opportunity to change your hair up without damaging your own hair.  

Starting with these simple ways to protect your hair can help you in the long run. Long healthy hair isn't just for one hair type. Any hair type can grow healthy hair with the right steps and dedication. Remember to not rush your hair journey but enjoy every step along the way. Show self-love and have patience with yourself because you can do it!