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Remember to Breathe

Life can become stressful, and that's an understatement. Sometimes you just need a break or a moment just to have time to yourself or reflect on what's happening around you. I find it best to take time out of my day to meditate and re-gather my thoughts. Mental health is such important and when you're not mentally okay it makes things harder to do. You can lose track of your goals, hobbies, and ambitions when you're stressed and overwhelmed. 


Take 10 min out of your day to sit in silence or with some soft instrumental music such as lofi. Make sure to inhale and exhale to release negative energy from out of your body. Maybe use this time to also sort out what has you so stressed. Breaking down ways to achieve your daily agenda and not overworking yourself can help deal with your stress. Sometimes we get so busy with our day-to-day life we forget to take a sec to relax and regroup. Building up overwhelming feelings of stress can result in a shutdown mentally and lead to major procrastination. 

Get Active 

Not only does being active help your physical health it helps your mental too. Going for a walk, dancing, weightlifting, playing a sport etc. can help with stress. The physical activity doesn't have to be intense it can be low activity such as walking or doing jumping jacks. Maybe finding someone to do physical activity with can also help you get motivated. Remember to breathe and let out all the negative energy while being active, don't hold on to the stress. 

Finding a Hobby 

If you don't already have a hobby maybe now would be the time to explore what you like to do. Nowadays people turn to social media and TV as entertainment, which is a way of debriefing. Maybe finding a hobby that isn't in front of a screen that allows you to exercise your mind. Having a healthy outlet to get your mind off the task you have to do daily can help. Sometimes hobbies turn into careers or build relationships with others interested in the same hobby. Don't lose your meaning in life with the stress of this world. Hopefully, these ways to take a break can help with your mental state so you can achieve your goals.