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The best hairstyle to wear on the 4th of July is one that can’t easily get caught on fire. Yes your hair can catch on fire while everyone playing with sparklers and roman candles. Keep that hair put up but cute, cause you can’t be a baddie with your head on fire. After you get done reading this post go look at some of our ponytails on the site, they’re even on sale for the 4th of July. Keep that hair put up and protected, with our different ponytails.  

First we got our hottest item on our online store the Wrap Around Human Hair Body Wave Ponytail! This ponytail is great because it looks cute even at our shortest length 14inch. With its wrap around hair strand, you can have your hair blended in and covered. There’s a clip to hook onto your own hair for better support. This hair can be curled, straighten, and dyed.  


Next we have our Afro Kinky Curly Human Hair Clip-In Drawstring Ponytail Extensions. This is for my natural haired people looking for a cute updo that will mature their hair type. You can put your natural hair products in this hair clip to make the curls pop. The nice thing about this hair piece is the drawstring that hold your hair within the extension. You can put this hair in a tight bun or just leave it out!  


For the last hair I will be showing from our 4th of July Sale is our Ombre Color Claw Clip-In Synthetic Ponytail. This cute ponytail extension comes in different colors and you can either buy it as a clip or string. Now this is synthetic hair so make sure to not get too close to any fireworks. The hair is wavy and long but only comes in 22 inches. So yes that ponytail will be swinging! 

For other items that we our putting on sale for the 4th of July Sale please check out our site for the rest of the ponytails we have. Hope you have a safe and fun holiday!