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Hair You Can Do on a Budget

If you’re a wig buyer, you know wigs are expensive! Like no joke y’all ever seen a $500 wig? What kind of average person is going to be able to afford that. Maybe skipping out on a bill or two can get you that wig, but I have a solution. I’mma have you looking cute but affordable, but we must be realistic, the longer the hair, the more expensive it is. We must shop on a budget, this doesn’t mean you can’t have human hair, you might just have to shorten your inches.  Here are some helpful tips on wigs you can do on a budget. 

Synthetic Wigs 

Now I know what you’re thinking, unless you’re hip to the reality of the hair community. You can find some nice synthetic human blend hair. Normally Synthetic wigs are under $100, even the long wigs. You can still make synthetic hair look good and realistic with the proper tools and products. There’s many on YouTube teaching you how to make a synthetic wig look real. Also, don’t be afraid to look up costume wig styling cause the hair, is the same. Cosplayers know how to style their wigs! With good maintenance you can look like money. Keep in mind synthetic hair is not meant to last forever, if anything it should last 6 months to a year depending on amount of uses. Of course, this is if you are taking care of it well. When the wig starts to look raggedy LET IT GO! Don’t keep that stiff wig, you got your money’s worth. So next time you on our shop get a synthetic wig.  


Now this is for the ones who like and know how to style their own hair. Don’t be afraid of extensions, because they’re your best friend. Hair extensions are clip-ins, ponytails, and buns these are for the days when you want something quick and easy. Hair extensions look natural and cheaper then buying a whole wig. Plus, it lets your scalp breath, a wig can get hot and itchy. It won’t break your bank to get synthetic or human hair extensions. The human hair extension can get kind of pricey but compared to a wig it won’t hurt you. Styling is pretty similar to synthetic wigs, again look up YouTube and see how people are styling their extensions. Also don’t forget about braiding hair, you can do a lot for a pack of $5.99 braiding hair. You can do crochet styles with braiding hair, walking around looking like you got a sew in. So don’t be afraid to let your tracks show, cause you beautiful regardless! 

In conclusion, don’t feel like you must spend a lot of money on hair to be the baddest. You can still look cute being creative with your style and money. Now go out there and rock it!